Monday, August 24, 2009

A wonderful morning

We had such a nice and relaxed group this week, there was myself and alot of the newer members of our group which was great as I got to know them much much better:)

I cant believe how wonderful Shirley is doing at Crochet - Shirley has been crocheting for three weeks after attending the group and has done a fantasic job at making A blanket for a double bed and had started a pattern from The happy hooker book, she has learnt the craft so fast!
Also Julie is making a beautiful baby capelet(also from the happy hooker)and it is turning out perfect (you wouldnt think it was her first time trying the pattern!)
Siobhan was there also and went home last week without any lessons and made her first crochet project!
Helens Mom(cant remember her name - will edit this next week) was there making a fantasic bag with such unusal yarn
We had our first Male member Dyson came with his mom and is doing a great job crocheting granny sqaures

All the members have seemed to be buying The Happy Hooker book - Im delighted as I'm always using it - and we all get to share tips from it with eachother
It was a very quite morning over coffee and I really enjoyed getting to know you all :)

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