Sunday, August 16, 2009

No room at the Inn!

Art by Rania Hassan

This weeks group didnt go to plan very well because on the same day the Menlo had three large groups
* A wedding
* A Football Team
* Our Group
This has never happened before and the hotel has told me it more than likely wont happen again.
I know some people felt very inconvenienced and voiced maybe a change of hotels - this wont happen. Also the group is getting larger (which isnt a bad thing) this means we will have to be even more self contained on those 'large group days'
CafeCreate is always going to be free, that is why we cant book a room in the Menlo Hotel otherwise everyone is left paying to join a socail group,
I will finish off with this
There may be times when we are left sqeezing into whatever corner is free in the Hotel but this week was the first time that it happened and the Menlo has been very good to us and at the end of the day it offers us more room then a cafe would, also new members will always be welcomed into the group


  1. I agree, Menlo Park Hotel is a great place. The management is doing us a big favour letting us use their space without paying for it (yes, I know, we buy drinks), but I think we can accept the fact that from time to time we will be sqeezed into a small corner to make room for the "real" customers.

    Oh, and BTW, love the picture! IS that from your every day creativity challenge?

  2. Jagienka I love the picture as well, Its just something I found on Google couldnt find the name of the artist though :(