Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guinness World Record for Most Knitters Together

On Saturday Myself, Michelle, Elizabeth, Jen. Sharon, Anne and Shauna Joined knitters from all over Ireland in Roscommon in the hope of breaking the world record for the most knitters in one area - Michelle from Michelle made this had arranged it all.

 Michelle's Knitted Car

 Elizabeth and our Michelle

 Jen and Sharon


 As well as knitting, Elizabeth also brought her Crochet which attracted a lot of attention

Good Friends enjoying a bit of stitchin'

The hall where we first gathered soon got full, people of all shapes and sizes attended

Shauna learned how to knit just for today

Me and My sister Shauna

Michelle, Anne, Nina, Shauna, Jen, Sharon and Elizabeth

we moved to the stands in Hyde Park to get ready to break the record .. but it was freezing!

to keep the knitters entertained there was a live band, dog show and a reenactment 

people from all over Ireland attended and even from around the world - there was even a lady there in her 100th year!

we may not have had the comfort as Oregon had when they broke the record back in 2009(above), but we had what the Irish always have heart, soul and craic! 

To find out if we broke the record, watch the video below

above Michelle after being told that we are the new record holders

with the organiser Michelle, she is a lovely person

once finished, we decided to stop at a cafe for lunch

here we learnt more about each other like:
1. Not to get on the bad side of Anne ;)
2. That Jen could kick us around the place
3. That Michelle plans on winning the next tour de France
4. Elizabeth has been in the middle of floods, snow storms and unimaginable heat (not all at once, we hope!)
5.Shauna doesnt like school and plans on coming to the stitch group weekly now
6.Sharon was a teenage drinker ;)
7.and Me? ..... now that would be telling! ;)

after a lovely dinner we all crossed the road to Mrs Kelly's sweet shop

"look shes knitting" ... yes Michelle now put the sugar down and step away ;)

A big thank you to all the ladies, I had a lovely day with you, also Thank you Jen and Elizabeth for coming through at the last minute and driving us :)


  1. Wow, looks like a great day out! I got there a day too late to help with the record-breaking. Dara (my 9yr old son) even had his knitting with him just in case! Aw well, maybe next time! We enjoyed the festival, I got some pressies for my crochet-loving sis and we had lunch. Maybe see ya there next year!

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