Friday, July 3, 2009

I just thought I would put this great project up that Danni from ravelry has taken on - If you are interested check out the group Sophies Cozies on Ravelry

"Hello generous knitters,

I am writing on behalf of my 4-year old daughter. I feel incredibly blessed to have a healthy, happy, and profoundly generous little girl. After collecting change for over a year, she chose to donate it to our local animal hospital rather than buy herself a gift. She is, in short, incredible.

This week, Sophie and I have been discussing charity, and what it means to help others, be they ill, impoverished, or simply in need of company. I explained all sorts of volunteer opportunities that we could seek out, because I wanted to do something once a week with her for the good of others. After thinking about all of her options, Sophie decided that she wanted to visit the children at our local hospital who were ill, so that she could play with them and “make them feel better.” I called the hospital, but found out that their minimum age for volunteers was 13. Undeterred, Sophie still wanted to help the kids, and I asked if they accepted knitted goods, which of course they do.

Sophie knits…she taught herself by watching me. I haven’t seen a fair-isle sweater come off of her needles yet, but she’s got garter stitch pretty well mastered. We decided that one of the ways that we could help these kids was by making little comfort blankets (predominantly, in our minds, for toddlers). Obviously, they would need to be soft and machine washable, but, barring that, the hospital has no specific requirements. I’m thinking small “cozies” that can be carted around (aka Linus in the Peanuts series) would be lovely. Nothing huge…certainly nothing bigger than a small crib blanket, and anything that could be knit or crocheted quickly would be ideal. I don’t want this to become overwhelming for people. ETA: maybe 20” x 30”…big enough to hold on to, but not too big to take along for a chemo treatment or other procedure?

The reason, my knitterly friends, that I am posting here is this: Sophie and I could make a few comfy blankies for the hospital and feel good about ourselves. But I had a thought: what better way to teach her about charity and the kindness of others than if we were able to collect a number of blankies from people all over the place? She would not only feel empowered by helping others, but see how charity works on a bigger scale.

I know that this is one of a myriad of requests out there, and it is certainly no more worthy than any other options for charity knitting. But if you feel so compelled, please consider taking the time to make a little “cozy” for a little one at our local Children’s Hospital.

There is no set deadline for this project, but I’d like to be able to deliver a “batch” to the hospital by the end of September. If people are still wanting to contribute after then, that’d be great, and we’ll continue to make visits as long as we get donations!

If you do complete a “cozy” and would like to know where to send it, please PM me for my address.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration. I feel so fortunate to have a healthy and kind-hearted little girl that I just want to “pay-it-forward” a bit. I know Sophie would thank you too, if I wasn’t keeping this a surpise from her until I find out if we get any blankies!



  1. Danni,
    I am new to this blogspot (saw the ad in Independent). I am a patchworker and will try to put some pieces together for your daughter's project. I don't know how to 'pm' you? Give me directions on this and I will make contact.In the meantime if you want to check out my blogspot

  2. Hi Ester - I know Danni because my husband to-be designed her website
    you wont be able to get in touch with her via this blog so best bet is her site
    I am sending my three cozies to her tomorrow