Sunday, June 21, 2009

Second Group meeting

Sylvie and Lisa
Eve and her daughter
Sylvie and Lisa
Aga and Eve

Saturday 20
th June
I managed to nab the comfy sofas for this weeks meeting, I think its safe to say that most likely we will always be somewhere in the bar area of the Menlo Hotel, unless its a gorgeous day and there for we may sit outside,
New members will find us as its not that hard to miss the wool ;)
Aga was first to arrive with socks in tow followed by Lisa wearing her gorgeous neck warmer then Eve with her daughter and Sylvie (first time coming to the group and a pleasure to meet)

We had a great Chat over coffee/ hot chocolate and decaf tea ;)

Eve mentioned that it would be nice to go for lunch together after next weeks group and I agree So will try to organize something before Saturday 27th


  1. My pictures came out horrible. All blurry and too dark ;o/

    I'm getting used to having Saturday afternoon reserved for knitting and chatting ;o)

  2. I meant the pictures I TOOK, not the pictures of me ;o)

    ... need more coffee....