Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knit a Sock workshop

Knitted socks made by Aga

One of our members Aga has offered to run a wonderful workshop:

Learn to knit - lesson 1

LEARN THE BASIC KNITTING SKILLS and let the sky be the limit!

This week you will learn to cast on, knit,purl,change yarn,cast off** and weave in yarn ends.
Then we’ll do some simple increases, decreases and show you how to pick up stitches.

Materials needed:
Yarn - any amount, any weight will do. We will practice knitting a sample square, so scrap yarn will do.
Needles - Provided by Agnieszka /as she has tons and tons of needles at home and only knits with 2 at a time ;o)/
Tapestry needle and scissors, which can be shared between people.

  • the class will teach the continental knitting (not British). There will be no rhymes to memorise, unless we make up something as we go ;o)

It is important to stay that CafeCreate is still and always will be a Social Group and not a school of knitting/ Crochet, although members are usually more then happy to give some help and tips to people starting out, and once every couple of months we will do different workshops in both knitting and crochet, but for those who are not interested in the workshops, the group will still be going ahead as a social hobby group.

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  1. Holy cow! I'm completely blown away by those socks. Absolutely breathtaking.