Monday, July 27, 2009

Group Photo

Our group is getting very popular (on the internet anyway), So I thought how great would it be to do a group photo and see if the Local paper would write up something about us so that other crafty people can find out about us- also it would be a nice keepsake for all the members :)

Saturday 1st Aug
Menlo Hotel
The Holland Room (or the bar)


  1. Love the camera ;o) but you know how I hate taking pictures of me... I agree for a group it might be a very good idea, but please let me hide in the back row... ;o)

  2. Hi there,
    Cool camera! I saw your ad in the Independent. I'm a stitcher (patchwork/embroidery) and would like to make contact. I'm not sure when I might get along to the Menlo....but I'll try to do that soon. I met Alex recently at the shop. In the meantime you can see what I'm up to at Also are you aware there's a large group of patchworkers meeting monthly in Galway? Check out

  3. hi Ester,
    first let me start by saying I loved your blog
    and second your more than welcome anytime to the group we are there every saturday
    also yes I am aware about the patch work group at some stage Id like to check it out but thus far I have been busy trying to get this group off the ground and working full time ....

  4. Hi - saw your article in the Indo, I've done some paper-craft stuff (card making, scrapbooking etc) in the past, but not so much recently.

    In case anyone's wondering how to get to the Menlo by public transport, there are instructions on the "How to get to..." page of

    (It's actually really easy: for ages I thought that the Menlo was a long was back from Headford Rd, only discovered the truth when I had to go to a meeting up there there other week.)

    All the best
    Mary - editor of GT.I

  5. Hi Mary and thank you for the tip on transport, if anyone is stuck I will tell them to check it out :)