Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"An American to visit Galway...."

Me, Eve and Aga
Feanor Craft Store (owned by Alex)
Eve and Ginna
Alex and Mairin
Aga and Lisa
Wow! Beautiful shawl made by Aga
Aga and Alex
Ginna, Alex and Elizabeth
Eve, Aga, Lisa and Donna
Donna, Ginna and Elizabeth
Sara and Mairin

How wonderful it was to meet up with all the stitch'n'bitch ladies again on Monday 13th July, We all got together in order to meet with Donna and Ginna.
We had a fantasic turn out :
Myself working on a crochet headband
Mairin Knitting her daughter a shrug
Eve knitting her daughter a denim top
Sara and her 'knitted sock' ;) (Sara is over for a couple of weeks from the states and is a lovely friendly woman, Also half the photos taken by her)
Elizabeth crocheting a baby cardigan
Aga working on her second knitted wedding shawl
Lisa knitting her green cardigan
Alex crocheting a brown cardigan

Donna and Ginna soon arrived and we had a great chat over yarn and tea!
It was wonderful meeting them face to face as I have only spoken to them through Ravelry and was delighted with the wonderful book that they gave me. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with these lovely ladies and swapping pictures from this meet up.

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