Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Group - Coffee and Wool

Cafecreate's first group meeting was great -
I was there early to nab some comfy seats and was very happy with the spot across from the bar. Feeling nervous at 11.5oam waiting for someone(anyone) to arrive, I began my crochet project of a granny sqaure dress.
Thankfully I had nothing to worry about as Lisa was first to show up, bringing with her a friendly smile and a crochet neckwarmer project :)

Followed then by Jagienka and her knitted sock, all three of us live very close to each other (isnt it a small world)

Máirín and her knitted sweater project(which looked amazing)also was able to find us

and so the group began with chatter back and forth each adding information on ourself and finding alot in common. Mairin's friend Eve and her two gorgeous girls also joined us very quickly so hopefully we may see her again :)
Thankfully Jagienka had a camera and took some pictures (will be posted ASAP)
All in all I had a great time with these talented women and look forward to meeting more like them :)

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  1. I definitely had a LOT of fun and can not wait to meet you all next weekend!